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What is IP and how can I find mine?

12:24 am |
What is IP

Currently the IP acronym occupy an important place in the technological world, but do you know exactly what it means?

When we talk about the IP we are referring to a set of numbers separated by …

Gmail will warn you if you receive encrypted messages

1:40 pm |
gmail security

Google is working with the University of Illinois and Michigan to develop a system that allows Gmail to warn users when they receive e-mail messages that are not encrypted.

The target of this measurement is not …

Yahoo offers the ability to access email without passwords

6:14 am |
yahoo email access with username

Yahoo announced on Thursday that email users of the Internet company will have access to their email with just their username and without entering a password.

The US company said on its official blog that …

Google will reduce the memory consumption of Chrome

11:25 am |
google chrome

If there is a widely criticized aspect of Google Chrome and the navigators based on Chromium in general, it is its excessive consumption of resources, especially when we talk about the RAM. Google is aware …

Windows 10 is already installed on over 14 million devices worldwide

12:01 pm |
Windows 10

More than 14 million of the devices were installed during the first 24 hours of its launch the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10. A vice president of Windows Yusuf Medhi …

Nokia launches a virtual reality chamber

12:43 am |
nokia ozo

Nokia has presented a spherical chamber designed to create 3D movies and games that can be viewed through virtual reality devices.

The Finnish company has presented its new product at an event in Los Angeles. Nokia …

Gmail for Android becomes a unified inbox

9:02 pm |
gmail unified inbox

The latest update of Google for its Gmail application dedicated to Android devices brings a unified inbox where you can see both of emails from multiple accounts. “Starting today, you’ll be able to see all …

Google confirms Chromebook Pixel 2

2:07 pm |
Chromebook Pixel 2

Google has confirmed the development of the second version of its portable cloud under its own brand, Chromebook Pixel 2.
“We have a new Pixel and will come out soon. We just have to adjust your …

What is 2 in 1? What are its advantages over Ultrabook, tablet or laptop?

9:16 am |

Choosing the ideal mobile computing device is not simple to the overwhelming supply coming from dozens of models in formats like Ultrabook, laptop or tablet. For help in choosing we prepared an article which exposes …

Pixel Battery Saver turns off pixels and saves energy

1:21 pm |
pixel battery saver

The battery life is one of the biggest problems currently facing the mobile industry, especially after the start of the career of the resolutions, but thanks to applications such as Pixel Battery Saver becomes more …