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Android M, direct the car without smartphones

5:53 am |
google auto

Android M be the new commitment of Google to transfer the operating system to infotainment systems in cars. The big news is that it is platform independent, without any mobile device through.

Confirming all rumors, Google …

Project Goliath: the secret war of the MPAA against Google

7:29 am |
Project Goliath

Sony hacking has resulted in an unexpected discovery in which emails have been exposed showing the hidden war that claimed the MPAA against Google, supported by six companies of high quality.

As you may have imagined …

Intel buys PasswordBox for its security division

9:43 pm |
Intel buys PasswordBox

Intel has acquired the Canadian company specializing in managing digital identities, PasswordBox, in an effort to expand around the security services and beyond of its chip sales business.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed but …

YouTube analyzes launch a subscription service without advertising

11:48 am |
youtube subscription service

The video platform YouTube is considering offering a paid ad-free subscription service, according to its Managing Director Susan Wojcicki.

“We’re thinking about how we can give the user a choice”, she said the directive during a …

Google develops a pill to detect cancer early

3:47 am |
google develops pill

The Internet giant is working on a nanotechnology device that would diagnose diseases and ailments such as cancer or strokes, of more prematurely that is used today. The project objective is to generate early warnings …

Google presents Inbox to complement Gmail

10:14 pm |
google inbox

The email began as a simple mechanism to send digital notes in the office. But since Gmail was launched 10 years ago – the email has changed enormously. We received more emails than ever: bills, …

Oppo would also have a virtual reality helmet in the pipeline

1:21 am |
Oppo VR helmet

Oppo has tease its future Android smartphone in recent weeks, Oppo N3, it seems that the Chinese company is working on another device, following the current trend … Oppo VR. While there has been the …

Accused Grooveshark employees for violating copyright laws

7:52 am |

The United States Justice determined that the popular streaming music service Grooveshark used over five thousand songs illegally and blamed its founders. New York Judge in charge of the case, Thomas Griesa, ruled that creators …

New Mac Mini launched in October with the iPad Air 2

12:06 pm |
New Mac Mini

We’ve heard rumors for some time about the fact that Apple is preparing to release new Mac Mini. Today, according to recent news, the device will be launched at a keynote to be held in …

Amazon is hiring developers for a smart home secret project

12:44 am |
amazon smart home secret project

According to recent news relayed by Reuters and a number of other sources, Amazon seems to be prepared for a significant expansion of its employees in the development labs, and would be testing a number …