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The Impact of Website Speed in Business—Why Every Second Matters

12:17 am |
website speed

There is no doubt that the Internet is no longer just a niche technology. It has become a mass media and an utterly indispensable part of modern life. It isn’t very bewildering that consumers lean …

9 basic methodology tips for graphic designers

12:41 pm |
tips for graphic designers

If you are a graphic and creative designer and live daily in the midst of creative processes required for your profession, here we give some tips to improve the working methodology.

Research – Look and see
Compare …

Build your website with Wix

12:21 am |

There are more and more companies and freelancers who choose to create their website with tools like Wix. With this application we got through an intuitive interface and through simple drag & drop, go editing …

How to choose the theme for a site

4:21 am |
choose theme

Making a website was not an easy one for the people who are new to this. Thanks to the wordpress themes that make ease the task of the people in making the site for their …

Microsoft introduces Sway, App to create web pages easily

11:23 am |
microsoft introduces Sway

Microsoft has introduced a new tool of the Office family. This is Sway, a mobile and desktop app that allows the creation of web pages in a simple, focused for people who want to express …