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Pixel Battery Saver turns off pixels and saves energy

1:21 pm |
pixel battery saver

The battery life is one of the biggest problems currently facing the mobile industry, especially after the start of the career of the resolutions, but thanks to applications such as Pixel Battery Saver becomes more …

Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A: Desire to purchase mobile for 2015

2:57 am |
Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has officially announced the new version, we believe, the best mobility device having at its catalog. A Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A substantially improves connectivity with support for LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation (CA) enabling …

Tips on Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency

9:31 am |
digital marketing

The job of a digital marketing agency is to help companies choose the right agent for them. Brand awareness is something that these agencies also help companies to focus on. Something else that a digital …

LG Fx0: Transparent smartphone with Firefox OS

11:49 am |
LG Fx0

The Korean company has introduced the LG fx0, a smartphone that breaks the routine that we’re used to seeing in the industry for two major points, it’s clear finish and operating system as it is …

Samsung has a curved ultra-wide monitor

5:09 pm |
samsung curved ultra wide monitor

Samsung has presented an ultra-wide monitor, The SE790C, 34-inch diagonal, with an aspect ratio 21:9, a resolution of 3400 × 1440 (ULTRA-WQHD) and with a contrast ratio is 3.000:1.

But undoubtedly the most striking feature of …

Android M, direct the car without smartphones

5:53 am |
google auto

Android M be the new commitment of Google to transfer the operating system to infotainment systems in cars. The big news is that it is platform independent, without any mobile device through.

Confirming all rumors, Google …

SupraPad i700QW, Windows 8.1 tablet for $50

9:26 am |
SupraPad i700QW

The tablet sector with Windows 8.1 is experiencing a very interesting time, since it is possible to find very comprehensive and capable solutions with prices that border on the ridiculous, especially if we consider that …

Microsoft develops virtual reality device for Xbox

12:53 pm |
Microsoft virtual reality device

Microsoft will manufacture a virtual reality device for Xbox in 2015. It is not known whether it is a helmet, goggles or a type of “crown” device, but it is certain that Microsoft will not …

Build your website with Wix

12:21 am |

There are more and more companies and freelancers who choose to create their website with tools like Wix. With this application we got through an intuitive interface and through simple drag & drop, go editing …

Project Goliath: the secret war of the MPAA against Google

7:29 am |
Project Goliath

Sony hacking has resulted in an unexpected discovery in which emails have been exposed showing the hidden war that claimed the MPAA against Google, supported by six companies of high quality.

As you may have imagined …