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OneDrive improves support of teamwork

2:38 pm |
onedrive improves support

Microsoft is rolling out an update to OneDrive that warns users when someone is editing a file that has been shared, either through a notification in the phone or email. Although this feature is now …

Microsoft redesigns Bing Maps to compete with Google

4:29 am |
bing maps

Microsoft has shown a redesign of its mapping service, Bing Maps, making it quite similar to its competitor Google Maps, an idea of double edge because on the one hand it loses personality, but on …

Microsoft released in open source Windows Live Writer

3:49 am |
windows live writer

Microsoft will release the tool under open source implementation of editing and publishing blogs Windows Live Writer, according to the announcement on Twitter of one of its leaders.

Windows Live Writer is an application that is …

Microsoft Edge is the first browser to support Dolby Digital Plus

6:06 pm |
Microsoft Edge

In an official post Microsoft has confirmed that its new browser Edge will be the first browser to support Dolby Digital Plus, a detail that confirms, once again, that the Redmond are putting all eggs …

Office 2016 Public Preview, available for download

4:29 am |
Office 2016 Public Preview

Office 2016 Public Preview, trial version in beta of the next edition of the Microsoft Office suite, is now available for download by developers, IT professional and any user.

The software giant does not rest and …

The wireless charging, great advantage of the Galaxy S6

2:02 pm |
Samsung Galaxy S6

Earlier this month Samsung unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, its latest smart tank: The Galaxy S6, the smartphone that leads its high-end line. What has changed from its predecessor, The Galaxy S5? What …

Windows 10 will support USB 3.1 natively

6:07 pm |
Windows 10 support USB 3.1

Windows 10 will natively support standard connection of peripherals USB 3.1 and the new reversible Type-C connector.

Microsoft announced the return of the conference WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) stop the past few years. It shall …

The next flagship model of Lumia will have a Snapdragon 810 processor

1:59 am |
microsoft lumia

The most powerful processor of Qualcomm, The Snapdragon 810, will be incorporated in all probability in the next flagship smartphone of Microsoft Lumia.

During the past 2014 Microsoft has released many devices aimed at the middle …

Microsoft patents the “Cinema mode” for smartphones

1:41 pm |
cinema mode

Surely more than once will have been a co-chair who can not wait to finish the film to update his Facebook status or check the latest WhatsApp joke. To mitigate this problem Microsoft has patented …

Microsoft develops virtual reality device for Xbox

12:53 pm |
Microsoft virtual reality device

Microsoft will manufacture a virtual reality device for Xbox in 2015. It is not known whether it is a helmet, goggles or a type of “crown” device, but it is certain that Microsoft will not …