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Small Business IT Support Makes a Difference

12:27 am |
IT support

Running any type of small business today can be challenging. You need to deal with competition coming from all directions and all over the world. You want to do everything you can to make your …

Corsair Bulldog, ideal for PC Gamer’s lounge

2:07 am |
Corsair Bulldog

Corsair Bulldog is a chassis format console under the mini-ITX standard specifically designed to create PCs for games in the living room of the home. It is including the motherboard, power supply and cooling system. …

Google enters the routers market with OnHub

2:20 pm |

OnHub is a consumer wireless router that represents the entrance of the Internet giant in the field of networking products.

It has been developed by Nest – the specializing in smart home devices company for which …

Kat Walk is the ideal complement for domestic virtual reality systems

12:21 am |
Kat Walk

In the absence of a few months for the virtual reality helmets of different brands start to land on a massive scale in our homes, there is still an issue that is not quite resolved …

Samsung introduces its new range of UHD monitors

3:02 pm |
samsung UHD monitor

Samsung expands its range of ultra high definition (UHD) monitors, to provide both consumers and professionals with a better viewing experience for those looking to enjoy their media content with maximum detail.

The new UHD monitors …

Conductive ink introduces tough circuits in clothing

12:14 am |
conductive ink

Japanese researchers have developed a conductive ink that remains useful even if stretched the garment up to three times its original size.

This is very important to incorporate electronics in sportswear; running may have hidden activities, …

Vensmile W10: Mini-PC size phablet with battery

3:58 am |
Vensmile W10

Vensmile W10 is a mini-PC similar in concept to Intel Compute Stick, turning a display screen (TV or monitor) on a computer when connected to the HDMI port.

Pendrive format versus Intel device, Vensmile W10 …

Gloveone: Glove to touch and feel the virtual reality

12:03 pm |

While waiting for all those virtual reality helmets that promise us new ways of relating to video games-and not only with them, we continue mulling over the issue of controls. Be enough a pad? Perhaps …

HP announces new workstations and professional monitors

11:27 am |
HP Ultra Narrow

The company has unveiled new technological advances created to help artists, creatives and developers to have their designs and products to life more quickly and effectively.
HP Z Turbo Drive G2: Storage optimized for the workflow …

New aluminum batteries that recharge in 60 seconds

2:21 am |
new aluminum batteries

The researchers at Stanford University, US, have been conducting a series of tests with aluminum batteries that recharge in 60 seconds, a record that could revolutionize the mobile industry.
These batteries are built on the basis …