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Google enters the routers market with OnHub

2:20 pm |

OnHub is a consumer wireless router that represents the entrance of the Internet giant in the field of networking products.

It has been developed by Nest – the specializing in smart home devices company for which …

Kat Walk is the ideal complement for domestic virtual reality systems

12:21 am |
Kat Walk

In the absence of a few months for the virtual reality helmets of different brands start to land on a massive scale in our homes, there is still an issue that is not quite resolved …

Samsung introduces its new range of UHD monitors

3:02 pm |
samsung UHD monitor

Samsung expands its range of ultra high definition (UHD) monitors, to provide both consumers and professionals with a better viewing experience for those looking to enjoy their media content with maximum detail.

The new UHD monitors …

Conductive ink introduces tough circuits in clothing

12:14 am |
conductive ink

Japanese researchers have developed a conductive ink that remains useful even if stretched the garment up to three times its original size.

This is very important to incorporate electronics in sportswear; running may have hidden activities, …

Vensmile W10: Mini-PC size phablet with battery

3:58 am |
Vensmile W10

Vensmile W10 is a mini-PC similar in concept to Intel Compute Stick, turning a display screen (TV or monitor) on a computer when connected to the HDMI port.

Pendrive format versus Intel device, Vensmile W10 …

Gloveone: Glove to touch and feel the virtual reality

12:03 pm |

While waiting for all those virtual reality helmets that promise us new ways of relating to video games-and not only with them, we continue mulling over the issue of controls. Be enough a pad? Perhaps …

HP announces new workstations and professional monitors

11:27 am |
HP Ultra Narrow

The company has unveiled new technological advances created to help artists, creatives and developers to have their designs and products to life more quickly and effectively.
HP Z Turbo Drive G2: Storage optimized for the workflow …

New aluminum batteries that recharge in 60 seconds

2:21 am |
new aluminum batteries

The researchers at Stanford University, US, have been conducting a series of tests with aluminum batteries that recharge in 60 seconds, a record that could revolutionize the mobile industry.
These batteries are built on the basis …

LG launches small but powerful projector Minibeam

10:37 am |
LG Minibeam projector

Small projectors that allow you to project content from a laptop, smartphone, or other device can be useful if you do not have space for a TV. But, most of the small projectors I’ve seen …

Firefighter robot and its drone assistant: fire and action

12:40 pm |
firefighter robot

SAFFiR (Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot) is a firefighter robot with included assistant drone, created under a project of the US military and the University of Virginia that uses emerging technologies of robotics.

It is a …